Friday, September 28, 2012

Compressport Australia

Thanks to Compressport I am now fully equipped with training, racing and recovery compression. I have been racing in the Compressport 3D.Dot pro racing run socks and have found them sensational but now, thanks to the Compressport team, I am able to utilise other products in the range including the new Compressport Triathlon shorts. I am really impressed with the triathlon shorts so far. They seem to provide far more compression than a full length pant and are capable of being worn in the warmer Queensland climate. I am going to be testing them out more practically at RedDog track sessions over the next few weeks. Check them out:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tour Chem Villager - Hell of the North (Spring)

On Sunday the TcV crew from the regular Friday river loop embarked on a the bi-annual Hell of the North not a cycling race, race. Neutral to Cabulture the race then heads up the back of Mt Mee with KOM/QOM at the top of the famously steep Ocean View drive. We sprint for points on the Dayboro - Samford road with GC at the top of the Samford range.

I packed like an 70.3 IM for this one, 4 Endura gels, 2 spare sachets of sports drink and an energy bar. It was also a good excuse for some carb loading the night before. I was so excited about this ride that I spent a good hour cleaning my bike the night before, Rocky music blaring, this was the final count down.

The event saw four femmes' as always out numbered by the hommes. We had perfect weather a nice crisp spring morning. We are obviously all getting older and so there was polite bathroom stop for all at Cabulture before the real event began. It was all about bragging rights for the next six months. You could feel the nerves in the group (as seen in the serious faces below). Little discussions, collusion, perhaps scheming was rife, you could not hide in the bunch everyone was paying close attention to form. Was Jim going to take it easy before 70.3 Worlds, would the reigning champ even be at sign on? Neil C was on the honey, this race was serious.

The attacks began early, basically as soon as the climbing began with last years winner Neil supported by Jim heading out strong and putting a gap on the field early in the hommes division. I hit the first steep section hard and was closely followed by Nic (pic below). We worked together to get back to the chase bunch but I could not hold it on the next hill. Nic made it back and took out the QOM. Up the road a battle was on with Jim and Neil pushing ahead in sight of Paul and Tony. After we learned that the chase bunch with Neil and Nic could also see Paul and Tony. It was a close race, but who wanted it more......Jim crested the hill with only a short gap to Neil to take out KOM. Waz was clearly going to win the KOM he put out so much power he unfortunately broke his chain and had to retire.

Next was a technical decent into Dayboro followed by a civilised bakery stop. John was very serious about the event and did not remove his helmet at the bakery. The bakery saw the departure of a number of riders, with a few of the femmes choosing to enjoy the race from the Chem director sportif's Damian, vehicle.

Rolling out along Dayboro Samford was tough, legs were sore and the lead was rolling over regularly. About 8k in the attacks started and did not cease until the GC line. It was a tired sprint taken out by Tony then Neil and Jimbo. I was certain I was clear of Nic and just aimed to stay with the boys to make sure I kept in contact in case they didn't attack again. Next thing I new Adrian C was making a move up my right hand side. I think this put him in 4th for the sprint.

The attacks continued but we re-bunched going up the Samford range with all the key players for the homme GC grouped together. I was dropped about 300m from the top but rumour has it that there was a ding dong battle for the line with big Tony taking line honors from Jimbo and Neil in the 2012 Spring TcV HOTN.

It was a great day out, we all felt it. I hope that the effort pays off for everyone in the group. Thanks Daimo in the support car, Waz for arranging, CHEM, the Villager and all the team for such a fun day. Until next time TcV'ers...