Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We Name You FireFox

Well it has been an exciting week. I have just picked up my new Scott Foil Premium from Avanti Plus in the Valley. This bike is some kinda machine. I feel this time round there really has been an incremental improvement in technology. The bike not only looks very cool (it's a mat grey), it also has Di2 and it is 11 Speed.

I remember when I first went to a carbon frame. I noticed an immediate improvement in performance. I feel a similar incremental improvement with the new Di2. It is very smooth, with clear gear changes, including multiple changes by holding the button. I have a greater range of gears, 11 - 27, crazy range. The bike is only 6.5kg, which is quite remarkable.

Scott has recently acquired their own bike wheel brand. So this bike came fitted with 40m carbon clinchers operating with DTSwiss Hubs.

Its a nice setup, slightly aggressive, with the seat angle forward. I had my set up checked (and changed considerably)  at Avanti Plus. They have a computerised set up system that seems to get it right first go. I have had no issues with my TT set-up which was also done in the store. Matty Hooper and Mel have a lot of experience (ex Pro Triathletes themselves) so they add a lot of value when looking at the set up detail.

I am now on the hunt for some nice red chrome dust covers and bar ends to detail the machine. This bike fits nicely in the stable which includes my Plasma Premium TT and Scott MTB.

Thanks to Scott Bikes and Avanti Plus for the awesome machine. Feel free to ask me about the bike. Sneak peak below. I'm sure you'll see it out on the road (so long as the QLD rain stops!).