Wednesday, October 15, 2008

AIS Camp

I have just returned from an 8 day visit to the AIS for testing and lectures as part of the NTID triathlon program. The camp was awesome to say the least and it was amazing to be at the complex amongst superstars like Jana Pittman, Brendan Rickard and Brad Khaldafelt (sorry if i misspelled!).

Some of the tasks conducted included power testing on the bike, oxygen consumption analysis, lactate testing, using the recovery facility, time-trials, urine analysis and blood sampling.

We were also privileged to have visits by specialists in physiology, self massage, nutrition and time management. I had my bio mechanics assessed by a physio and was able to have one-on-one chats with Australia's top triathlon coaches.

It was a huge week for learning with moderate training and time for reflection on my goals and current training habits. I would really like to thank the guys for arranging such an inspirational and enlightening experience. I am now more aware than ever of the sacrifice and hard work that it takes to be a true professional triathlete.

The best part of the whole week was the cool dining facilities. Everything is marked with calories, nutrition and serving sizes and is very healthy. It is serve yourself. Wow the food was good and healthy. Back in Brisbane now for some more training in prep for Noosa and the HK Asian Cup.


Ryan's Visit


Well...three weeks ago I brought Ryan Davison back from Adelaide after the City to Bay. He was up in QLD for two weeks to see what the life of a professional triathlete entails. It turned out to be two of the hardest weeks of training I had done since training with the group and am extremely impressed that Ryan could cope (with shining colours) with the whole program without complaining once.

It was not quite the intensity we had faced in recent months but the volume was huge. We had several 100km rides during the week coupled with weights, long runs and mentally challenging swim sets.

I think Ryan was impressed with the group and he definitely benefited from the tough program achieving a 1km swim PB in 50m pool. I was totally stuffed but I think having Ryan around helped to push me to a new level at swimming achieving 6pb's in the pool in one week!

Ryan now knows what he needs to do to make an impression at the Run-away bay camp later this year. Good luck mate!