Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mecure Yeppoon Ironman 70.3

Well it has taken me a few days longer than usual to write this. I was struck down by a nasty virus this week which I had unfortunately started showing signs of last Friday night before the race. On Sunday morning I thought it was just hay fever. This is the second cold/flu this season and only four weeks after the last one. It’s ironic because I was reading an article from Michael Shelly about that basically says not to run if you wake up with a head cold. I thought that makes sense. Then a week later I’ve gone and done it anyway. So that’s how the day started….

The swim was rough. You can see it in the video. I just wasn’t switched on enough to get going and lost out big time in the swim. I can’t complain I just haven’t done the work in the water yet. The positive I can take out of this is that there is room for some quick gains in the water.

The bike is known as being a really rough course. It didn't bother me too much during the race but I think it was because I actually wore shorts rather than bathers which were far more comfortable. I set the course record on the bike which is pretty cool. My cycling has been going really well lately. I found the course congested on the bike and spent most of the day in the right tyre road grove where it was a little smoother. I had my Endura products as usual on the bike with no major issues other than feeling slightly more thirsty than normal. I made up a minute on the bike and felt pretty good riding into transition.

Going out onto the run I felt pretty comfortable for the first lap. Pulling a minute back on half one of lap one and another 15 seconds back by the second half of lap one. The gap stayed the same through the off road section and then I hit what could be none other than described as ‘the wall’. I started to wobble and my ears started ringing it was really strange. I thought maybe it was nutrition but I had eaten to the usual plan. When I crossed the line I needed assistance. There was nothing left in the tank. I was disappointed with my run because it is not an indication of where my running is at and the training I have been putting in. Nonetheless, I was pleased that I could still challenge up to the last lap. Now the task is to get healthy and ready for the next race. I am really motivated to get the swim back to where it was in 2009 and get the run firing for next race and yes I will practice my banner lifting. This is the second time in as many races I have failed to lift the banner over my face.
A big thanks go to Nick Munting, the crew from www.xtri.com.au and the Yeppoon Mecure for hosting such a fantastic event. Thanks to Endura, Brooks and RedDog triathlon training for all the support. Thanks also to the race caller Steph Hanson from www.witsup.com for making me feel welcome at the event. I will upload a video with sum clips from the event once editing is complete.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gatton Duathlon, Gez they hurt dont they...

I raced the Gatton Duathlon last year and was keen to head out to the Lockyer again in 2012 to test my fitness before Ironman 70.3 Yeppoon. It was an early start as we drove from Brisbane leaving around 4.45am with Clifford the Big Red Dog (Kristen). 

I like the venue out at Gatton. It is spectator friendly as it is a multi-lap run course. The temperature was perfect. Last year it was colder and I couldn't feel my feet until the end of the race. 

We started with a four lap 10km part x-country part path run that traversed hills and flats. I used my Brooks x-country shoes, which hadn't had a workout for a while because they handle the bumpy terrain well. 

My plan was to do a strong 5km run and then hold back until the bike where I would go hard again for the first lap of the two lap course. I established a lead into T1 but my opponents were quality athletes so I needed to work hard on the bike to ensure I stayed away. It was tough on the bike with a very strong head wind. I only used one gel on the bike. As it was a shorter race I did not bother with my race bottle that sits in the bars of my TT bike. I returned from the bike and lead out of T2. I backed it off for the second run as Yeppoon was only seven days away. 

Photo: Amanda McIntosh

I ended up winning the race, it was solid. I needed to ensure my recovery was right so I immediately took advantage of a serve of Endura Optimiser, compression, a cool down run, some stretching, some ice, and an epsom salt bath. I was booked for a massage at No More Knots on the Wednesday, recovery was going to be key if I was to pull up well for Yeppoon. 

Thanks to Triathlon Queensland for a great course, well done Kym and Bri for a great race and thanks to RedDog Triathlon Training, Avanti Plus the Valley, Endura and Brooks for getting me over the line. Oh and thanks to Kristen for a lend of the wheels. 

Photo: Amanda McIntosh

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gatton Duathlon

Blog to come once I get some photos... in the mean time check out the results. Thanks Endura and Brooks. http://www.wizardresults.com.au/default.aspx