Friday, May 10, 2013

Back being bilateral

Some of you may not be aware that before Auckland 70.3 I was having some trouble with my right Achilles (so I thought). I had some treatment to get me though that race but it re-emerged after some hard core riding at the TDU in Adelaide.

I raced Goodiwindi, but pulled up sore. I was happy to come away with the win again this year but my run was a little sketchy. I had a two week break following Goondi but still faced some soreness. I was on and off water-running and light running for the end of Feb.Then the usual process started, sports doc, MRI, sports doc, surgeon, surgery, return to run, just 4.5 weeks I am back running (and racing).

One of the most important things that I learned in the QAS is to get the diagnosis quickly and plan ahead. Most atheletes are focused. So to avoid getting down about it you need to be following a plan such that you can have things to look forward to that contribute positivily to getting better  (I digress). Following the MRI diagnosis, I was able to get the surgery at the start of April which is quite remarkable.

I have not mentioned the interesting and quite novel issue I was facing in my leg. I had what can only be described as Plantaris Tendon Friction Syndrome. Quite rare I hear. If anyone out there has Achilles pain (particularly medial pain) I suggest considering this as an issue. The plantaris tendon is a small tendon that inserts on the right at the back on the knee and extends down the leg (crossing the Achilles) inserting medially near the ankle.

Some how I had managed to make it angry near the Achilles and there was no-way (quickly) that I could settle the inflammation other than to remove it. Often tennis players snap this tendon further up the leg. It is not extensively used for anything and can be harvested to repair knee issues etc. I had not boot, cast or anything. It was weight baring as tolerated and then back into it after 10 days to let the incision heal. What could have been a long drawn out back and forth battle with presumed 'achillies tendonitis' was quickly fixed, with minimal disruption to my training as a result of the detailed analysis of my MRI by my doc.

I am now killing the eccentric calf raises. Last weekend my team took out second in the informal category of the Corporate Tri (thanks Court and Ryan for a great effort). Next step is the Byron tri which will be the real test. It is awesome to be back running, it truly is my passion. I am excited to be able to focus on it for Vegas and Des Moins in September.

I am extremely thankful of Matt Hislop at Brisbane Sports and Exercise Clinic and my surgeon, Jeff Peereboom at the Brisbane Private, for moving on this quickly, precisely and professionally. Thanks also to Chris Gillies at the Toowong All Sports for working on it every couple of days pre and post op. Thanks Trent Patten my coach at Reddog Triathlon Training, for adapting my training and putting up with me going insane not being able to run for a while there. Thanks Sally Garrad for keeping me from getting fat while unable to run and being my ear, my husband Mike for letting me poor the bucks into getting fixed and all the other Reddogs for being such a supporting bunch.

Onwards and updwards :)